kill yourself to get ahead

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"Men who want to be feminists do not need to be given a space in feminism. They need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist."

- Kelley Temple, National Union of Students UK Women’s Officer  (via feministkitsch)

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petition for lewis bayley (bleedlifedry) to love himself

"There would be no Air Nation without Avatar Korra. She opened the portals and somehow the world began anew for us. She was even willing to lay down her own life in order to protect ours. There’s no way we can ever repay her for all she’s done. But we can follow her example of service and sacrifice.” - Tenzin, Venom of the Red Lotus

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"Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy."

- Mother Teresa  (via sadgirl1017)

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